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London Evening Standard : Russian buys gems for £2m at Playboy club

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Russian buys gems for £2m at Playboy club

A Russian billionaire racked up a bill of more than £2 million buying gems at a private Mayfair nightclub event.

The sum was spent over less than three hours at the Vashi Dominguez fine jewellery salon privé in Salvatore’s Bar at the Playboy  club last night.

The bill for Luxor champagne alone came to £20,000 but was waived because of the huge spending on jewellery.

The Russian businessman in his mid forties, who has not been named, bought an art deco Asscher necklace for £980,000, three diamond bracelets at £356,000, £145,00 and £109,500, and  14-carat pear-drop earrings for £111,600. The total was £1,702,100, or £2,042,520 including VAT.

One onlooker said: “The room had about 40 of the most wealthy men in London but this was still a huge surprise that just one of them spent more than £2 million in less than three hours.

“Among the guests were Arab royalty, Russians  and very high net worth Europeans. There were as many personal bodyguards as guests.

“The sale was arranged very quietly, not at all in a showy way. The Russian gestured to his PA he wanted the jewellery and the sale was arranged on the spot.”





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